We specialize in custom and industrial metal spinning. We can spin hard metals like stainless steel and thick parts up to 1/4" thick. From prototype to production we can spin virtually any material, shape and size up to 96" in diameter. Hemispherical, elliptical, ASME, flued and flanged heads, cones, hopper dishes are just some of the parts that we spin on a regular basis. With a variety of tools (i.e. CNC, Hydraulic and Handspinning Lathes) and a dedicated staff we are able to offer a wide range of products and services
 Quality is a priority for our company. We provide quality parts to our customers thanks to our strict manufacturing procedures and experienced staff (some of our staff members have over 20 years of experience in metal spinning).
 Years of experience, flexibility and a dedicated staff give us a competitive edge. We strive to give our customers the lowest possible price without comprimising quality. For an excellent quotation and lead time, email:

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